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The IESG and the IAB have a close working relationship that requires joint meetings and discussions. There are two members of the IAB that sit on the IESG, the first being the IAB chair as a de-facto member of the IESG, but does not take part in decisions made by the IESG (here after referred to as the IESG Liaison). They act primarily as an observer and occasionally offer IAB relevant perspectives as needed.


The IESG Liaison is expected to attend:

  • weekly IESG meetings
  • IESG meetings at IETF conferences
  • the IESG retreat
  • the iabiesg jabber channel
  • the iesg jabber channel

The IESG Liaison will not attend:

  • any IESG executive sessions
  • any other IESG confidential discussions

Passing of Information

The IESG Liaison is expected to capture information of interest to the IAB at IESG events and pass that back to the IAB via the IAB list(s) or at IAB meetings. Although this is likely to be done by the IAB chair as well, the IESG Liaison serves as a neutral third-party to double check that all relevant information is indeed reported and to accurately summarize the opinions of the IESG.