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=== Proposed ===
=== Proposed ===

=== October 9 ===
=== October 7 ===


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Use this page to propose a lightning talk or other topics for discussion in the IAB Social Interactions session.

Given the current situation where all interactions are limited to online meetings only, it's proposed to add an optional 30 minutes slot to the official IAB business meeting (only to the fixed slot every two weeks). This Social Interactions slot is optional for all IAB member to join (given the anyway increased meeting load and time zone constrains) and purely serves the purpose to get to know each other a bit better and have some time to chat, similar as the coffee breaks/happy hour slot during the IAB virtual retreat week.

This page serves to collect possible topics and talks in order to select two 5-minutes talk for each session (leaving the rest of the time for chatting or other kinds of social interactions). All IAB member as well as liaisons and other people frequently participating in the IAB meeting are encouraged to give at least one talk. Non-technical talk can be everything like about a hobby, simply a thing that your are excited about right now, something exciting you learnt recently, or just your most favourite dish or cocktail. Technical topics may be about an interesting problem that your are currently working on and are looking for input. As a starting point, non-technical talks are preferred!

For the first talk, please add one slide at the beginning introducing yourself (short CV overview in and outside the IETF; current area of work)!

Non-technical talks


October 7


  • Jared: Starting a telco (September 23)
  • Cullen: Video conference bugs (September 23)
  • Jari: Caving (August 26)
  • Tommy: Astrophotography (August 12)
  • Alissa: gymnastics and social networking (August 12)
  • Mirja: Diving (July 15)
  • Wes: A day in the life of parenting young kids while trying to work -- lessons from 2009 (July 15)

Technical topics for discussion