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IETF 87 Technical Plenary: OPUS Codec

The OPUS codec, defined in RFC 6716, can scale from low bit-rate narrowband speech to very high quality stereo music, making it suitable for a wide range of audio applications. This session covers the past and future of Opus as well as the lessons learned from the standardization process that could apply to future IETF work.


   a. Introduction
   b. Overview of Opus (JM Valin)
   c. Testing (Greg Maxwell)
   d. History of Opus in the IETF (Peter St. Andre)
      1. History
      2. Lessons learned
   e. Future Work (JM Valin & Tim Terriberry)
   f. Opus Deployment Panel (Tim Terriberry, Emil Ivov, Lorenzo Miniero, Justin Uberti)

Remote Participation Experiment

During the IETF 87 Technical Plenary, the MeetEcho team will be running an experiment to enable remote participation in the meeting using the OPUS codec. Remote participants can access the session using a WebRTC-compatible browser pointed at this location:

In addition, recordings of this and other sessions at IETF 87 will be made available at the following location:


More Information on OPUS

Test data