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The following topics have been scheduled for tech plenaries.
The following topics have been scheduled for tech plenaries.

===IETF 102 Montreal (July 2018)===
===IETF 103 Bangkok (November 2018)===

No topic scheduled yet.
No topic scheduled yet.

===IETF 103 Bangkok (November 2018)===
===IETF 104 Prague (March 2019)===

No topic scheduled yet.
No topic scheduled yet.

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Scheduled Topics

The following topics have been scheduled for tech plenaries.

IETF 103 Bangkok (November 2018)

No topic scheduled yet.

IETF 104 Prague (March 2019)

No topic scheduled yet.

Current Ideas Queue

The following ideas are current:


See Jari's blog post on the subject. Lee has notes on a few potential speakers. We've already spoken to Geoff Huston on this subject

It might be useful to have someone talk about the work being done on decentralization and how it impacts (or not) the trend towards consolidation. Melinda to identify possible speakers and invite them for tech talks.

The Internet and Futurism

Following up on discussions around the Singapore plenary, ask a science fiction author to come riff on the future of the Internet for a while. See e.g. Charlie Stross at CCC in 2017. Plan is to have a single speaker, theme is "extrapolate from past and present, please come tell us a story about the future of the Internet", ~ 40 minutes, ~20 minutes open discussion following.

Next step: Jari to invite Charlie Stross and/or Vernor Vinge for a chat with the program/IAB?

Straws and Camels

At IETF 101, there was an active topic of discussion in DNSOP how successful protocols get overloaded; this could be expanded into a general topic on the lifecycle of protocol ecosystems.

Next step: ask Suzanne for ideas?

Hub of All Things

Hub Of All Things is a research project aimed at re-decentralization of data.

Next step: invite Jon Crowcroft for a tech chat?

Snowden +N years

Review how the IETF has done on the problem of pervasive surveillance since RFC7258, and look forward to the next challenges in the space. Alissa as IETF privacy expert; externals (Allison to schedule tech chat with Dierdre Mulligan)

Future of Remote Participation in the IETF

Look forward to technical developments in remote participation technologies, and foster a discussion about how this affects how we work. (Since the IESG runs the meeting program, this seems like one to discuss in close cooperation with the IESG)

The Lack of Low Justice in the Internet

An intriguing question was raised a panel Brian sat on in 2017: one issue with personal trust in the Internet is that there is no mechanism at all for "low justice" (the settlement of petty claims) among parties whose interaction is entirely Internet mediated. The current system for settlement of international disputes is quite poorly suited to this task.

Next step: think about this and figure out who we should talk to about it.

The Web PKI: What we've learned

Wrap-up of recent developments/improvements in the web PKI -- how we got to the messy place, and why it's not as bad as it used to be.

Speakers: TBD

Next step: wait for it to get even more better.

Past Ideas

These ideas were in an older version of this queue, and have "timed out" or were otherwise not acted upon, but are kept here in list form, as a reminder that we've considered them:

  • Challenges to HTTPS Adoption in Media Websites
  • IoT and Augmented Reality / Overview of IETF IoT Topics
  • Naming and Privacy / Hostname Practice Considered Harmful
  • The Cryptographic Lens (watch the YouTube video)
  • Data Driven Security