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The purpose of this program is to provide a focus for the IAB’s responsibility to manage the RFC Editor function, including the RSE.
The details of the RSE function, and the RSOC are document in RFC 6635.

The Program’s main focus is on:

  • Oversight of the RFC Series
  • Assisting the RSE in policy matters as needed
  • Oversight of the RSE

The active membership of this program consists of the RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC), which is primarily charged with executing the IAB responsibility to oversee the RSE.


IAB Members

  • Christian Huitema (Lead)
  • Mark Nottingham

Non-IAB Members

  • Sarah Banks  (Chair)
  • Heather Flanagan (RSE, non-voting)
  • Tony Hansen
  • Adam Roach
  • Peter Saint-Andre
  • Portia Wenze-Danley (IETF Administration LLC Liaison, non-voting)

Past RSOC members and chairs are listed here.

Current Activities

Currently (last updated July 19, 2012) there is one short term, plus ongoing and longer term activities.

  • Assist the RSE in developing community resolution on revising the RFC Format
  • Oversee the RSE end of the joint RSE/IAOC process for developing new budget and SoW terms to reflect the published RFC and agreements on how to work with that.
  • Assist the RSE in developing vision for the ongoing evolution of the RFC Series

Long term, the RSOC is responsible for overseeing the RSE, including the interaction of the RSE with the community.

The RSE is in turn responsible for the proper operation (including in terms of quantity and quality within budget) of the RFC Production and Publication facility, and reports on that directly to the IAB.

The RSOC Procedures are available online here.

Mailing lists

Public discussion:

Meeting Minutes

RSOC meeting minutes are available to the public here.