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About the Internet Architecture Board

The Internet Architecture Board provides long-range technical direction for Internet development, ensuring the Internet continues to grow and evolve as a platform for global communication and innovation.

In its work, the IAB strives to:

  • Ensure that the Internet is a trusted medium of communication that provides a solid technical foundation for privacy and security, especially in light of pervasive surveillance,
  • Establish the technical direction for an Internet that will enable billions more people to connect, support the vision for an Internet of Things, and allow mobile networks to flourish, while keeping the core capabilities that have been a foundation of the Internet’s success, and
  • Promote the technical evolution of an open Internet without special controls, especially those which hinder trust in the network.
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IAB Seeks Feedback on Independent Submissions Editor

As part of its oversight responsibility for the Independent Stream, the IAB is soliciting comments from the community on the performance of the Independent Submissions Editor, Adrian Farrel. The IAB is interested in comments on the last two years of operation of the Independent Stream and Adrian’s activities as ISE.

Please send comments to In addition, please CC

The IAB would appreciate receiving comments by Tuesday, 2019-10-08.

Sally Floyd

The IAB notes with sadness the passing of former IAB member Sally Floyd.  Her work included critical insights into congestion control and network simulation that have guided both modern protocol design and common router implementations.  She was the author of key technical work on rate control, selective acknowledgment, unilateral address fixing, and multicast.  As a member of the IAB, she helped guide transitions in both the IRTF and IETF with a gentle spirit and an open mind.

Our thoughts are with her family, friends, and the communities that have lost her light.

Ted Hardie
for the IAB

IAB report to the community at IETF 105

Dear Colleagues,

Here is the IAB report for the period between IETF 104 and IETF 105. If you have issues you want to discuss by email, feel free to send your comments to (our public discussion list) or (to reach just the IAB). Questions at the open mic at IETF 105 are, of course, also welcome.

The IAB has a few chartered roles. It confirms the appointments to the IESG, performs standards process oversight, and handles appeals. It also performs architectural oversight (including appointing the IRTF Chair), appoints the RFC series editor and oversight committee, manages the IETF’s relationship with IANA, and handles liaisons and appointments both to ISOC and to other organizations. It also acts as an advisory body to the Internet Society.

Here’s what the IAB has been doing since our last report; more detail on many of the topics is available at Continue reading

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IAB Seeks Feedback on Candidates for ICANN NomCom

As previously announced, the IAB (on behalf of the IETF) has been asked to supply a member to the 2020 ICANN Nominating Committee (NomCom). The candidates who have accepted their nominations are:

  • Fouad Bajwa
  • Hago Dafalla
  • Peter Koch
  • David Lawrence
  • Pete Resnick

The IAB solicits feedback on these candidates by 6 August 2019. Please send your responses to and If you would like your feedback to be anonymized, please indicate such in your response.

Call for volunteers or nominations for the IETF Delegate to the ICANN 2020 Nominating Committee

The IAB (on behalf of the IETF) has been asked to supply a member to the 2020 ICANN Nominating Committee (NomCom). Ole Jacobsen has filled this role for the IETF community for the past two years and cannot seek another term due to term limits; the IAB thanks him for his service. The IAB would therefore like to ask the community for volunteers to serve on the ICANN NomCom. The IAB will appoint one person for a one-year term (renewable for one additional one-year term).

If you are interested in serving on the ICANN NomCom, please send a short e-mail to and with your motivation and information concerning your familiarity with the IETF and ICANN. Alternatively, if you know of someone who may be a good fit for this position, please send the name and email address by e-mail to iab- and The IAB is looking for a diverse pool of candidates. The deadline for nominations or volunteers is 8 July 2019. Continue reading

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Revised Operating Instructions for (ENUM)

The RIPE NCC is the operator of the zone (ENUM) and maintains the associate registry in accordance with the instructions of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). As delegations are based on e164 country code allocations, any changes to the registry are coordinated with and approved by the respective holders of the E.164 country code via the ITU’s Telecommunications Standardisation Bureau (TSB).

Recent checks have shown that over time, many of the current 57 delegations have deteriorated – they are no longer technically functional or the contacts details for the country code registry have not been updated. Continue reading