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IAB workshops are focused gatherings that bring together experts from the broader Internet community to discuss specific topics of interest related to Internet architecture, protocols, standards, and future directions.

IAB workshops are primarily focused on addressing current challenges, exploring emerging technologies, and potentially creating input for future work within the IETF and IRTF. The aim is to improve the overall understanding of technical issues facing the Internet and help advance the future direction of Internet architecture and standards.

The topics of these workshops can vary widely, reflecting the broad scope of issues relevant to the Internet's architecture and operation. IAB workshops are held as needed, based on current topics that have been identified by the IAB that can benefit from an in-depth discussion or broader input from the Internet community. Typically, interested workshop participants are invited to submit position papers on the workshop topics and the workshop itself is usually focused on discussions, potentially based on selected position papers.

IAB workshops are not the final destination; they're the spark for in-depth discussions and engagement that might otherwise be missing. Outputs from these workshops often include actionable conclusions and next steps, influencing standardization efforts within the IETF and spurring further research within the IRTF. At times, the primary aim of these workshops is to facilitate focused conversations, leading to a deeper comprehension of the challenges at hand. This, in turn, can inspire innovative approaches to address identified issues.

Upcoming Workshops

Call for Papers will be announced by email on and on the IAB webpage under Announcements.

Previous Workshops

IAB maintains a wiki with more information. Feel free to reach out to individual IAB members or to start a discussion on potential ideas for future workshop topics.