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Meetings & Minutes

Currently, the IAB holds business meetings via teleconference at least every other week. The alternate weeks are held in reserve, either for an additional business meeting or a technical discussion.

In addition to the teleconferences, the IAB meets in person during the thrice-yearly IETF meetings. During IETF meetings, the IAB holds an IAB Open Meeting to increase the visibility of the IAB's work and collect feedback and community input about ongoing and new work. Finally, the IAB holds a plenary session at each IETF meeting, either alone or jointly with the IETF where any member of the community can address the IAB.

IAB Teleconferences

IAB teleconferences are generally held every other Wednesday from 0700-0800 Pacific time, with the alternate weeks held in reserve in case an additional meeting is needed.

The agenda will be published the Friday before the meeting and is available in the datatracker. Meeting minutes are published after review and approval about two weeks after the meeting. The agenda and meeting minutes are available in the Datatracker.

Meetings (with the exception of executive sessions) are open to observers.

IAB Technical Discussions

The IAB tries to hold a technical discussion at least once a month. Some recent technical discussions covered:

  • Fragmentation
  • Universal Broadband
  • Identity Management
  • The Challenges of Blockchain-Based Naming Systems for Malware Defenders
  • IP for Internet and Limited Domain

In cases where more community or broader discussion is needed, an IAB technical discussion can be the initial step for a workshop or Technical Program.

IAB Open Meetings

IAB Open Meeting is an IAB-organized session at IETF meetings focusing on technical and architectural topics to:

  • Increase visibility of the IAB work
  • Collect feedback and community input about on-going and new work

Proceedings from IAB Open Meetings are available in the Datatracker.