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The IAB is composed of twelve members selected by the IETF Nominations Committee, the IETF Chair (also selected by the IETF Nominations Committee), and several ex-officio and liaison positions.

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) consists of thirteen members. Of these, six are nominated each year by a nominating committee drawn from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for a two year term. This process is described in RFC 8713. The thirteenth member of the IAB is the IETF Chair. The IAB elects its own Chair from among its twelve IETF-nominated members.

Current IAB Members
Liaison and Ex-Officio Members
IAB Liaisons to internal groups

The IAB also maintains several direct liaisons with closely affiliated groups:

Emailing the IAB

You can contact the IAB at the address This mailing list includes all voting IAB members, the IRTF Chair (Colin Perkins), the IETF Executive Director (Jay Daley), the IETF Director of Communications and Operations (Greg Wood), Secretariat staff (Cindy Morgan, Liz Flynn), the IESG Liaison (John Scudder), the ISOC Liaisons (Olaf Kolkman, Ryan Polk, Sally Wentworth), and the Tools Liaison (Robert Sparks).

Past IAB Members