Internet Architecture Board




IAB Outreach Coordinator

The IAB Outreach coordinator is responsible for planning, coordinating, and keeping track of the Outreach activities undertaken by the IETF Leadership. The coordinator will cooperate with the IESG and coordinate with the EODIR in tracking outreach activities.

The IAB Outreach Coordinator can be contacted by sending mail to

Purpose for Outreach

As per the charter of the IAB (RFC 2850), the IAB acts as representative of the interests of the IETF in technical liaison relationships with other organizations concerned with standards and other technical and organizational issues relevant to the world-wide Internet. Apart from liaisons, the IAB also does outreach to other external technical communities with input from and close cooperation with the IESG.


  • Promoting IETF – Increasing awareness & understanding of IETF, its role in the development of the Internet, protocols, standards process, etc.
  • Collaboration & Engagement – Foster collaboration between the IETF and external bodies (industry consortium, operator groups, open source communities). Showing and understanding the technology and any overlap with IETF work.
  • Bridging the GAP between IETF & real-world deployment – Encourage adoption of IETF standards and recommendations. Listen to concerns of external communities and provide an understanding of the standards process and IETF values.
  • Attract new IETF participants – Not a direct goal for IAB outreach activities but can be a happy outcome!
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Ensure our outreach helps promote diversity and inclusion in the broader Internet community (including the IETF).