Internet Architecture Board




The Internet Standards Process (RFC 2026) describes the following role for the IAB within the IETF Appeals process:

Should the complainant not be satisfied with the outcome of an IESG review, an appeal may be lodged to the IAB. The IAB shall then review the situation and attempt to resolve it in a manner of its own choosing and report to the IETF on the outcome of its review.

If circumstances warrant, the IAB may direct that an IESG decision be annulled, and the situation shall then be as it was before the IESG decision was taken. The IAB may also recommend an action to the IESG, or make such other recommendations as it deems fit. The IAB may not, however, pre-empt the role of the IESG by issuing a decision which only the IESG is empowered to make.

The IAB decision is final with respect to the question of whether or not the Internet standards procedures have been followed.

In addition:

  • All appeals must include a detailed and specific description of the facts of the dispute.
  • All appeals must include a preferred remedy for the dispute.
  • All appeals must be initiated within two months of the public knowledge of the action or decision to be challenged.

For more information, please see RFC 2026, section 6.5.

Date Appeal Status
2020-07-31 IAB appeal for arpa assignment (Timothy McSweeney) IAB Response (2020-08-26)
2019-01-31 An appeal to make the procedure related to Independent Submission Stream more transparent (Shyam Bandyopadhyay) IAB Response (2019-03-06)
2015-06-22 Appeal to the IAB concerning the IESG response to his appeal concerning the IESG approval of the “draft-ietf-ianaplan-icg-response” (JFC Morfin) IAB Response (2015-07-08)
2013-07-08 Appeal to the IAB irt. RFC 6852 (JFC Morfin) IAB Response (2013-07-17)
2010-06-07 Appeal over the IESG Publication of the IDNA2008 Document Set Without Appropriate Explanation to the Internet Community (JFC Morfin) IAB Response (2010-08-20)
2008-11-29 Appeal to the IAB Concerning the Way Users Are Not Permitted To Adequately Contribute to the IETF (JFC Morfin) IAB Response (2009-01-28)
2006-10-10 Complaints about suspension from the mailing list (Todd Glassey) IAB Response (2006-10-31)
2006-09-11 Appeal to the IAB over IESG dismissed appeals from J-F C. Morfin (JFC Morfin) IAB Response (2006-12-05)
2006-09-10 Appeal of IESG Decision of July 10, 2006 from Dean Anderson (Dean Anderson) IAB Response (2006-09-27)
2006-08-24 Appeal Against the decision to consider expediting an RFC Publication from J-F C. Morfin (JFC Morfin) IAB Response (2006-09-07)
2006-04-18 Appeal Against IESG PR-Action from Dean Anderson (Dean Anderson) IAB Response (2006-07-13)
2006-02-08 Appeal Against IESG Decision by Julian Mehnle (Julian Mehnle) IAB Response (2006-03-02)
2006-01-04 Appeal Against IESG Decision by Jefsey Morfin (JFC Morfin) IAB Response (2006-01-31)
2003-10-09 Appeal to the IAB on the site-local issue (Tony Hain)
2003-01-04 Appeal against IESG decision (Robert Elz) IAB Response (includes original appeal)(2003-02-15)
2000-11-15 Appeal Against IESG Action by Mr. D J Bernstein (D J Bernstein) IAB Response (2001-02-26)
1999-10-23 Appeal against IESG Inaction by W.A. Simpson (William Allen Simpson) IAB Response (2000-01-11)
1999-05-01 Appeal against IESG action (William Allen Simpson) IAB Response (1999-10-05)
1996-03-06 Appeal SNMPv2 SMI Appeal by Mr. David T. Perkins, IAB consideration (David Perkins) IAB Response (includes original appeal) (1996-03-06)
1995-02-18 (etc.) Appeal Against IESG Inaction by Mr. Dave Cocker, Mr W. Simpson (Dave Crocker, William Allen Simpson) IAB Response (1995-04-04 and 1995-04-05)