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This page attempts to list all the active, publicly archived lists that are considered to be related to the IAB, in alphabetical order by list name.

IAB mailing lists are moderated using a sergeant-at-arms model to ensure there are no inappropriate postings. Inappropriate postings consist of: spam and bulk e-mail; unprofessional commentary, regardless of subject; and mail with content unrelated to technical discussion or other topics related to the IAB and the IETF. The sergeants-at-arms are empowered to restrict posting by a person or of a thread when the content is inappropriate and represents a pattern of abuse. Complaints regarding a decision should be referred to the IAB chair.

The current sergeants-at-arms for the architecture-discuss list are Tommy Pauly and Jiankang Yao. For program-specific lists, the program chairs act as moderators. The rfc-interest list is moderated by the Temporary RFC Series Project Manager.

The architecture-discuss list serves as a technical discussion forum for all members of the IETF community that are interested in larger architectural issues. It is meant to be an open discussion forum for all long and/or wide range architectural concerns related to the Internet Architecture. In particular, it may be used to discuss and bring forth different points of view on controversial architectural questions. Discussions that drill down and dwell on specifics of individual protocols or technologies are to be discouraged, redirected to appropriate other fora, or re-cast to discussions of broader implications for Internet architecture.

This is an IAB-sponsored activity. IAB members participate as individuals and not representatives of the IAB. Community discussion of IAB activities and programs occurs on architecture-discuss, but messages for IAB business should still be directed to

CHallenges for Internet Resilience (proto-)Program: The IAB are discussing formation of an IAB program on this topic. For the present this list is for informal initial discussions, partly to see if the topic has enough meaty work that people want to (and do:-) do.

Evolvability, Deployability, & Maintainability (Proposed) Program: The IAB are discussing formation of an IAB program on this topic. For the present this list is for informal initial discussions on Evolvability, Deployability, & Maintainability.

This list is for open discussion of internationalization in the Internet architecture.

The model-t list is for discussions of changes in Internet deployment patterns and their impact on the Internet threat model, and to develop advice for designing, implementing and deploying Internet protocols in ways that account for these changes. Output may eventually be contributed to the IETF consensus process if the IETF believes an update to BCP 72/RFC 3552 is warranted and thus ought be consistent with related IETF consensus positions, such as BCP 188 and BCP 200.

This mailing list has been created by the RFC Editor to facilitate community discussion on the RFC series and to make suggestions about RFC Editor functions. The RFC Editor hopes that this mailing list will provide a focal point for input, information, and discussion about the details of the RFC process, as well as an archive to avoid the continual re-hashing of some issues. Topics appropriate to this list may include formatting, tools, style, content, and indexing aspects of the RFC series. It will not be used for discussion of the IETF standards process, general IETF organizational issues, or issues for which the NOTE WELL admonition is needed for IPR reasons.

This list is for discussion of the further evolution of the RFC Editor model.